Techirghiol, one of world’s most unique towns, with a fascinating history, benefits from the existence of special natural conditions. The climate, sapropelic mud and salt water of Techirghiol Lake make this resort known since 1899 a famous destination with a healing atmosphere.

It is said that a cripple, blind, old man arrived with his donkey by mistake, to the slime of this lake. He struggled for hours to get out of the smelly mud, but the stubborn steed didn’t want to move because the slime was a very sharp attraction to him.

To the old man’s astonishment and joy, when he stepped out of the lake he realized that his eyes could see a gob of light again, and his feet, that were helpless for such a long time, had started to listen to him again. As for his wise steed, the ugly wounds on his back had healed and his body seemed to have lived a new youth.

After finding out about this cure, several people reached the slime of that lake, bathing and oiling themselves with mud, to find peace. And how many wonders are happening there – people start to walk again, bones seize their youth, women regain their fertility, and patients find their recovery.