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The infrastructure development for balneary tourism and and recreational activities in the Techirghiol balneary resort, in Constanta county.

Apus de soare la Baile Reci Lacul Techirghiol
Apus de soare la Baile Reci Lacul Techirghiol

Project description
The general objective of the project is to maximize the tourist potential of the Techirghiol resort and to transform it into a center of attraction following the development of infrastructure of environment, functional and recreational support.

Beneficiary of the project is the Administrative Unit for the City of Techirghiol

Address: Str. Dr. V. Climescu, Nr. 24, Techirghiol, Constanta countyTel.: 0241-735622, Fax: 0241-735314
E-mail: apl@primariatechirghiol.ro
Web: www.primariatechirghiol.ro

The implementation time of the project is 36 months, between 21.11.2017 and 21.11.2020

Project Budget
The project’s total value is 15.520.651,63 lei, of which 13.108.522,04 lei represents the non-reimbursable amount granted from the European Regional Development Fund and 308.435,81 lei is the contribution of the Techirghiol City.

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About Techirghiol


Techirghiol, one of world’s most unique towns, with a fascinating history, benefits from the existence of special natural conditions. The climate, sapropelic mud and salt water of  the Techirghiol Lake, makes this resort well known since 1899, a famous destination with a healing atmosphere.

Situated at 15 km from Constanta, the largest city in the Black Sea shore and only 3 km away from the Black Sea coast, the resort is situated in a dobrothean area. We, therefore, have to deal with a continental, steppe-climate with marine influences characterized by an annual average temperature of approximately 11 degrees Celsius, an air humidity of about 80%, almost permanent present wind, at a speed of 4-5 m/s (especially from 11am to 17pm), an average settlement of 900 positive and negative ion/cm with a slight positive predominant. The average annual temperature is of 11,2 degrees Celsius and the total precipitation is less than 400 mm annually. The undersea breeze, here, is experienced a lot less than it does on the shore. However, you can fully feel the breeze of the lake.

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