Development of infrastructure for balneary tourism and recreational activities in Techirghiol balneary resort, Constanta county.

Panorama nocturna Faleza Techirghiol

Total project value: 15.520.651,63 lei

General objective: The project aims at maximizing the tourist potential of the Techirghiol balneary resort and turning it into a center of attraction as a result of the development of infrastructure support for tourism, of public interest, which will contribute to the economic growth of the area with touristic potential, due to the existence of the Techirghiol Lake in Romania (1.226,97 ha), in view to increasing the average number of employees in Constanta county. This project has its investment objectives as an integral part of the traditional tourist product with which the Techirghiol resort is identified, namely “balneal tourism in the Techirghiol resort”.

Specific objective:

  • Ensuring a greater mobility in the touristic Techirghiol balneary resort, by rehabilitating/modernizing road infrastructure, including pavements – 13 streets and sidewalks – 2 streets, which make accessible points of interest for tourists and community.
  • Revitalizing and increasing the attraction of the tourist offer of the touristic Techirghiol balneary resort thanks to the diversification and modernization of the leisure infrastructure, the improvement of spaces designed for pleasure and recreation, such as sports areas.
  • Providing the optimum functionality, aesthetic and comfort of tourist interest areas, through equipment with specific urban furniture (banks, selective collection baskets, ecological toilets), Wi-Fi system. Increasing the visibility and notoriety of the Techirghiol tourist resort by developing the activities to promoting and marketing the investment.

Length of the modernized/rehabilitated road infrastructure (km and sqm) – 3,036 km / 36 273 sqm.

Length of the rehabilitated road surface (km and sqm) – 1,413 km / 5 946 sqm.

Recreation surface spots – sports area, urban furniture, street baskets, ecological toilets – 447.68 sqm.

The proposed investment project is aimed at developing the support infrastructure, of public interest, in order to maximize the tourist potential of the Techirghiol balneary resort, classified according to provisions of HG nr. 1016/2011 on the granting of the spa and balneal status for certain localities and the areas which have natural cure factors.

The necessity and opportunity for the implementation of the project is justified by the problems identified at the level of infrastructure, public utility, in the context of the availability of a high tourism potential of the Techirghiol resort, which can lead to major economic benefits on the revitalization of the local economy, in the perspective of sustainable exploitation of local tourism resources.

The main interventions and activities covered by the proposed investment project are:

  • Rehabilitation/modernization of road traffic infrastructure (Str. Alexandru Ioan Cuza, Str. Alexandru Vlahută, Str. Ana Ipătescu, Str. Bekir Cobanzade, Str. Câmpinei, Str. Gheorghe Șincai, Str. Ion Creangă, Str Lupeni, Str. Maior Șonțu, Str. Plantelor, Str. Vasile Lupu, Str. Dr. Victor Climescu, Str. Pt. Ioan Țuculescu);
  • Rehabilitation of pavements  (Str. Mihai Eminescu, Str. Alexandru Pușkin);
  • Creation of recreational/leisure facilities such as sports areas;
  • Tourist areas equipped with urban furniture and Wi-Fi system;
  • The achievement of promotional materials and actions to increase the visibility, notoriety and attractiveness of the balneary resort;
  • Wireless internet system;
  • 12 fitness machines for people with disabilities;
  • 120 benches;
  • 2 toilets for people with disabilities;